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our services

custom human resources solution

A custom-built HR service which include some or all of the following HR functions: employee relations, HR compliance, recruiting, on-boarding, management training, benefits, performance management, payroll services, talent management, and more. This flexible service is designed around each client's needs with some organizations using us on a full-time basis, others for only a couple of hours per month, and others on a regular part-time basis.

Our clients use this flexible service in a variety of ways including:

*Helping CFOs, COOs or Controllers get HR “off their plate” without investing in a full-time employee

*Complementing the work of an HR Generalist or Office Manager with additional expertise

*Assisting smaller companies with sporadic HR questions and projects as they arise

*Managing HR following the departure or leave of an in-house HR professional

*Replacing a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) with a lower-cost, customizable HR solution

*Leading HR through major organizational changes and M&A activity

weekly rate recruiting

A unique weekly-rate recruiting approach that delivers premium quality job candidates at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting firms. We partner with in-house Human Resources or Recruiting Teams, or at smaller firms, directly with Senior Leadership, to identify "A" talent across a broad spectrum of job functions, levels, and industries.

Our clients use this service when they:
*Want to hire A players, but don’t have the time or desire to invest in recruiting
*Have advertised their job openings but have been unable to identify good candidates
*Don’t want to pay exorbitant headhunter fees - our searches typically cost 50-80% less

human resources for start-ups

​Development of basic HR policies and procedures for organizations who are doing their initial staffing and want to ensure they have compliant processes in place to hire, on-board, manage, and terminate employees. Recruiting can also be included to provide a full-service solution.

Our clients use this service when they:
*Are about to hire their first employees and want to ensure they have compliant processes in place to hire, onboard, manage, and terminate employees
*Have already hired employees, but aren’t sure if they did it the right way
*Need help hiring the team members needed to grow the business

human resources assessment

An in-depth assessment of HR policies and processes, with an eye on compliance and best practice. A great option for organizations who want piece of mind regarding compliance or who want to unlock additional value from their HR function.

Our clients use this service when they:
*Want to ensure that their employee policies and procedures are in compliance
*Have outgrown their existing HR practices and need guidance on how to scale their HR function to support a growing workforce