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"As a rapid growth, people intensive business, we need strong HR to compete effectively in the marketplace.  After 3 challenging years with one of the big HR outsourcing companies and an 8 month search for a better solution, we hired Rob and Jamie.  In just a few short months, they completely transformed our HR department into a proactive, service-oriented, and results-driven business partner. Their ability to get up speed quickly,  get results in recruiting, identify and retain top talent, foster a high performance culture, drive compliance, and  use their intellect to solve problems and critically think through the potential impact of changes, all made an immediate and lasting impact on our business. Rob and Jamie can help across all key parts of HR, from building culture to managing comp to handling the inevitable employee issues.  They are easily the strongest HR people we have ever worked with!"

- President and CEO, Renewable Energy Business

I was pressed to find quality candidates in a short time frame, and chose to create a partnership with HR Pals to source and assess candidates. The quality of candidates submitted has been excellent, and this couldn't be a better arrangement even if they worked in our own offices.  HR Pals has proven to be an amazing asset that I will always turn to for help with my recruiting needs."

- Director of Human Resources, Healthcare IT Business

​"We are a growing company that needed quite a bit of direction with our HR processes, systems and documentation. The HR Pals team did a thorough review of our existing practices and provided us with a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of our HR function and a thoughtful set of recommendations. We were so impressed with their initial performance that we engaged them to implement HR best practices across the organization. They went above and beyond to help us understand complicated labor laws and were sensitive to the needs of both the company and its employees.  As we continue to grow, we are confident that all our HR needs will be very competently handled by the HR Pals team!"

- Head of Operations, Professional Services Business

"HR Pals handled all aspects of human resources including recruiting, employee benefits, performance evaluations, compensation, training, employee satisfaction management, and the personnel dimension of annual and strategic planning.  They did an outstanding job for us.  They are very insightful and creative thinkers, utilizing their unique combination of business experience and strong academic credentials to implement programs that greatly improved our workforce efficiency and effectiveness.  Their management of HR had a significant and measurable impact on our growth and profitability." 

- CEO, Software Business

"Jamie is very knowledgeable, professional and a great business partner.  Our organization was undergoing many changes and throughout, Jamie provided the right guidance and actions for effectively managing our employees and the business.  Jamie is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. I know first-hand that Jamie performs with aplomb in challenging situations.  In short, Jamie’s high caliber of character and keen HR expertise set her well above others.  I highly recommend her and I am sure that an organization which places great pride in quality of intake, will find a worthy HR resource in her."

- CFO, Event Marketing Business

"Having worked with HR Leaders in multiple industries with employee populations from 65 to 12,000+ many of which were in the high growth phase I can confidently say that Rob and Jamie rank right at the top of the HR professionals I have had the opportunity to work with over the last 30 years. The other benefit of HR Pals is that Rob and Jamie have now worked together through many large scale challenges, at very different industries, very successfully so their skill sets now automatically complement each other."

- Chief Operating Officer, Home Services Business


"HR Pals did an incredible job during their time at our Company. They were proactive in dealing with delicate situations while protecting both the company and the employee.  In addition, they were great partners, working discretely on sensitive matters.  It was a pleasure working with people who understood the situations but were able to think 'out of the box' when called for"

- Controller, Construction Business

"HR Pals was an exceptional partner to the operations team. They are incredibly knowledgeable about HR and also understand the nuances and needs of the business. They provided great value to the company with their smart, high quality leadership. They led the Company through a major company transformation and earned the respect of the executive team."

- Executive VP, Manufacturing Business

​​"Rob has both the experience and the expertise in the complex arena of human resources. In addition, he has the rare talent to empathetically consider the perspectives of other executives essential in the running of a business - to include that of the general managers - and does so with a relaxed and enjoyable demeanor. This blend of skills and experience has enabled him to be an extremely effective coach and advisor to executives and leaders at all levels of the organization"

- Past CEO, COO and Board member of several public and private companies